services overview

All Services in the Casting Process

Investment casting, ceramic shell. Equip to produce large castings (several hundred pounds) in a single pour. Exclusively Everdur bronze.


Service across the United States. If separate shipping is need, we will supply all packaging/crating at economic rates.


Bronze, Aluminum, and Steel: Including Stainless and Cor-ten.


On or off-site.

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All colors and techiniques available.


Economic rates. Will supply all packing/crating.

CNC Cutting of Foam Armatures

3D Digital Scanning.
Carves foam armature using a robotic arm.

CNC Plasma/Waterjet Cutting

Cuts various materials.


Custom bronze and aluminum recognition plaques.


Clean facility with modernized equipment and techniques. Full attention and expertise from concept to completion, miniature to monumental.

Scanning & Enlargement

Casting Creations is able to enlarge an artist's original piece eliminating the need for an artist to scale it themselves. We can also provide an armature, therefore there is no need for an artist to construct a steel armature to support the weight of clay or wax.


Our foam models are extremely light weight and easy to transport or change.

Mold Making

No mold is too large, or too small! Casting Creations can produce molds from a model in any material. We also do not use mold materials that will react with any sulfur or organic compounds that an artist may have in their clay.

Wax Department

The Casting Creations wax department is clean and organized. It also is temperature controlled so waxes will never become misshapen.

Shell Room

Casting Creation's shell room can accommodate very large pieces. Our ceramic shell tanks hold 275 gallons each. They are approximately 41 inches in diameter.

Metal Pouring

Casting Creations melts 825 pounds of bronze at a time which allows the casting of very large pieces. With this capability, large sculptures that require many pieces become very cost effective. The fewer the pieces that are needed to be reassembled, the more efficient the process becomes. The bronze that we pour is exclusively Everdur.

Welding & Metal Working

Our metal working and welding areas are completely capable of producing large or small sculptures.

CNC Plasma

Our plasma cutting table works great for cutting objects from sheet material. We are able to scan any drawing or design an image on our CAD computer program and cut it from any type of metal.


From basic to multi-colored. All colors and techniques available.