Robotic arm foam carving

Working Evelope:
The working evelope of the robotic arm allows us to carve a 6 ft tall person. Larger pieces are carved in sections and later assembled.
The finished foam can then be covered with a thin layer of clay and it is at this point that the artist adds the detail. We would use this model to create molds for bronze casting. An artist could also apply a hard coating to the foam so that it can be painted.
Foam densities:
We typically use styrofoam that is made for fabricating, but several other foams are available in different densities.
Machine your files:
We will also accept your own STL file(s) to be machined.


This process allows the artist to create a maquette to present to their customer for approval. Once approved, we then produce a 3D scan (STL file) of the model that can be enlarged to almost any size. Next, we create a file that can be machined using our 7-axis robotic arm. We can scan these objects in-house or on-site. On-site scanning allows use to scan items that cannot be easily moved. We also have the capabilities to scan actual people.